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Midwifery Care

Booking private midwifery care with Amanda includes all of your antenatal, birth care and postnatal visits in your home. Throughout your pregnancy, Amanda is able to write referrals for blood tests and ultrasounds, if you would like these. Amanda is Medicare eligible so you will have access to Medicare rebates for a portion of your care.


Full care package includes: 


  • Clinical care, pool, and second midwife for birth 

  • Antenatal care appointments up to an hour  

  • Birth care in your home (with your second midwife) OR in hospital as support 

  • Postnatal care to 6 weeks 

Email for availability and fee information. 

Sage Midwifery Care works in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s (NMBA) Midwifery Standards for Professional Practice and the Safety and Quality Guidelines for Privately Practising Midwives; practising within the International Confederation of Midwives definition and scope of practice of a midwife



Sage Midwifery Care offers woman-centred,
evidence-based care with a known midwife throughout
pregnancy, birth, and the 6-week postnatal period.


Further information and commonly asked questions about private midwifery care.


Which areas do
you service?

I live in Gungahlin, Canberra ACT. I service Canberra and the surrounding region up to 1hr distance. If you live beyond the catchment area, you are welcome to contact me, as I may travel further in some circumstances. When sending an email, please let me know your location and estimated date of baby's birth, so I can assess my availability.


How much is it to hire you a my midwife?

Amanda is registered as an eligible midwife, which means you will receive a portion of your fee back from Medicare. You may also check with your Private Health Fund, as some offer rebates for private midwifery services. Private midwives usually charge between $5000-$7500; Amanda's fee is $6000, which includes all of your antenatal, birth, and postnatal care, the fee for your second midwife and the birth pool. Payment plans may be arranged as needed.


What if I need care after hours / between visits?

Amanda is available to you for midwifery care 24/7 for all urgent matters and labour/birth care. If you have questions/concerns between visits you are welcome to call or email. If it is non-urgent, it is preferable that you call during business hours. In the case of an emergency or an urgent concern, you are welcome to call anytime.


Hire a Birth Pool

Our Birth Pool Kits come complete with everything you need for set up, fill up and emptying.

  • Birth Pool in a Box Professional - Regular size

  • Birth Pool in a Box Professional - Mini size

  • Disposable Liners

  • Multi-sized Tap Adaptors

  • Waste-Water pump

  • Drinking Water Hose for Filling Pool

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